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Rycote Undercovers mixed

Rycote Undercovers mixed


  • $24.00

Rycote Undercovers - Mixed Colours pack of 30 with Stickies

Suitable for Lapel Microphones

Undercovers have been specifically designed for use with Lavalier mics under clothing.

Using Stickies to affix the microphone, a soft fabric disc is then added on top to minimise the sounds of clothing rustle and low wind noise.

Undercover Packs contain Stickies and fabric discs, and are available in white, grey and black colours.

Rycote Undercover discs are a disposable mount and windshield used for mounting lapel microphones underneath clothing. Included are ten black, ten grey, and ten white discs (30 total)

The discs are doublecoated with a peel-off adhesive and a soft woven material. The adhesive is peeled onto clothing, providing a tacky mounting surface for lapel microphones. The woven fabric disc is placed over the microphone and adhesive surface, sandwiching the microphone, and eliminating structure and rustling noise caused by movement of clothing, cables, etc.

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