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The narrow profile of the Medium Half Dome with White Interior for strobe lights from Photoflex works well for a hair light or rim light for portraits and allows for elongated catchlights in product photography. With a white interior for soft diffusion, a removable interior baffle and diffusion face, it allows for high-contrast effects if desired. The recessed front face permits optional grids that narrow and direct the output and control spill light. A removable strip mask is included with each HalfDome to narrow it further. It's also a space saver when shooting in tight spaces and easy to shoot over when used as a foreground light. A speedring for your brand of strobe is available separately. Narrow-faced soft box fits into smaller sets Light spread - softens the light source and eliminates the hot spot QRC (Quick Release Corners) - for stronger corners and makes it fast break down Suspension loops - suspends the light without using a boom stand White interior Optional grids - allow you to keep light off the background and specifically on the area you want Heat vents - flaps open to help keep box and strobe cooler Carry bag - included for easy storage and transport

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