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88Wh Li-ion V-Mount High Load Battery with PowerLink & Digi-View Exclusive to IDX, their PowerLink feature connects two E-HL9 batteries for a total power capacity of 176Wh. The 6-step 5 LED power status display gives an accurate reading of capacity in 20% increments plus the last 10%. The E-HL9 supports Digi-View for reading battery levels in many of today_ _s camera viewfinders. Battery Management System (BMS) can be used for enhanced diagnostics and a comprehensive review of the battery's history of use. E-HL9 Power Status is an accurate display of the E-HL9's remaining power. Visually and instantly indentified at any time or shown in the camera viewfinder via Digi-View. Product Data Capacity: 88Wh(14.4V/6.15Ah)Typical camera run-time: 3 hours approximately (@ 30W)Dimensions: 3.35(W) x 5.51(H)x2.28(D) inches Weight: 1.63 lbs approx With its high capacity and high load discharge of 10.0 Amps at 120W, the E-HL9 is an all-round top performer. Battery Management Software BMS-B7 is the new Battery Management System software. IDX BMS has been supporting customers for years by monitoring and recording battery data over their life span, helping to educate users of the best possible conditions for use. The beauty of BMS-B7 is that information can simply be recorded and retrieved via a USB connection from a VL-4Si or VAL-4Si charger to a PC. Easy to use and understand user interface Compatible with IDX ELITE, E-HL9, E-10 and E-7 batteries.Supported by Windows Vista / Windows 7  Display data such as charge/discharge cycles, remaining capacity, operating temperatures etc. Generate discharge curve analysis BMS-B7 is easy to install and features a simplified graphical user interface screen. Please read carefully, if updating from previous BMS Versions -Database feature is not available on BMS-B7. -Data from previous BMS software is not transferable. -Software is available by download from webpage only. -If an older BMS and BMS-B7 are installed on the same PC, BMS-B7 will be the default version and will open when you connect your IDX charger/ BMS-VR.

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