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Idx Wireless Receiver Mounting Bracket

Idx Wireless Receiver Mounting Bracket


  • $650.49

IDX A-Mwr Mounting Bracket

The IDX A-MWR bracket is a multi-purpose wireless receiver mounting bracket, designed to be fixed directly to the native V-Mount at the rear of the camera, to the V-Mount of the CW-5HD wireless transmission system or AC-100HD camera AC adaptor.


When the A-MWR is in position, the user can choose from multiple holes located on the side or rear surfaces to mount equipment such as a wireless receiver unit or portable HDD recorder. The depth of the A-MWR can be adjusted to accommodate an ENDURA battery in single or PowerLink configuration, providing up to 4 set positions depending on the user’s battery set up.


The bracket also provides a 2-pin D-Tap connector to supply DC power directly from the battery source for essential on-board accessories and components. The rear plate of the A-MWR can be easily removed if it is not needed during operation.

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