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Hensel Intra LED Kit

Hensel Intra LED Kit


  • $1,618.90


We are offering a new, versatile solution for photo and video applications! We developed the new 'Intra LED' lamp as a practical alternative to LED panels without changeable light modifiers.

You can combine 'Intra LED' with the complete range of Hensel reflectors, softboxes, honeycombs, and umbrellas. From accentuated spotlight to homogeneous area lighting, everything is possible! Reflectors can be turned 360° and you can change them in a matter of seconds.

The new 60 W High Power LED with 3600 lux (9" m reflector/1m) offers daylight temperature, a high CRI of 92, and is equally well suited for video and photo applications. The stepless power control ranges from 30% to 100%.

Last but not least, the Intra LED has optimum light distribution due to raised LED position and matt safety glass, which also protects the illuminant additionally.
When using softboxes, you can also leave the safety glass off to gain even more light output.

A compact and light device with huge potential. Just see for yourself!

This kit contains:

    • 2x Intra LED incl. protective glass(8710)
    • 2x 7" reflector (504)
    • 1x 7" honeycomb grid (508)
    • 2x light stand(202)
    • 1x transport bag(4206)
  • Incl. power cords

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