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Hensel ACS Beauty Dish EH 559mm (22 inch)

Hensel ACS Beauty Dish EH 559mm (22 inch)


  • $517.59

A classic with new and fascinating possibilities. The cap at the center is held in place by an entirely new mechanism. This allows you to exchange the cap for circular honeycombs (also fitting on 7" reflectors) without any tools. In addition, you can apply filter sheets. These innovations open up new ways of lighting. With cap: soft and very even, slightly warmer in character. With honeycombs: soft base light with varying focus on the center depending on the honeycomb used. Two types of light from the exact same direction, from a single reflector! Ideal for people and fashion! Like ACW beauty dish (Code No. 8603), but shiny silver inside surface. Gives a more brilliant and directional light.

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