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Hensel EH MINI I Speed Head Demo

Hensel EH MINI I Speed Head Demo


  • $1,166.00

The 3636 EH Mini I Speed Flash Head is a compact flash head designed to work with all Hensel pack systems including Porty, Nova, and Tria. Since the EH Mini I's head cable is removable, all you need to do is swap out the cable and its plug to match the pack you're using. This version comes with a power cable for all Porty and Nova D packs. The 3636 EH Mini I is called a Speed head in recognition of its ultra quick flash durations as fast as 1/1750 sec at full power, depending on the pack you use. Recycle time is super fast too, and the head is fan-cooled to protect circuitry when handling up to 3,000 Ws during busy photo sessions.

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