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Hensel NOVA DL 2400 Demo

Hensel NOVA DL 2400 Demo


  • $3,205.05

The name and quality are familiar but the concept is completely unique. Using innovative technology to switch the power supply while utilizing partial capacity circuitry, the Hensel Nova D 2400 Power Pack is able to jam big pack features into a surprisingly small, lightweight unit. The D 2400 provides symmetrical or asymmetrical independent control in 1/10 stop increments to each its 2 flash head outlets over an 8 stop range. As with all Hensel products, you can expect negligible color shift throughout the whole range with very short flash durations and recycle times. The sleek design features rubber protective corners and an ergonomic, intuitive control panel featuring highly tactile push buttons. The large 7-segment LED readout is easy to see from across the room. At a mere 17.1 lb (7.8 kg) the D 2400 is likely to do some work in the field. Remote triggering is made easy with the built-in Profoto Air radio, Hensel Strobe Wizard Plus and FREEMASK wireless radio receivers. Metal housing with sturdy, protective rubber profile Special ergonomic handle bar for carrying, with integrated spare fuses Multi-voltage (110 - 240V AC) high performance switch-mode power supply Extremely fast flash recycle times Extremely short flash duration Choice of symmetric or asymmetric power distribution via the "A" or "B" socket Integrated Profoto Air radio, Hensel Strobe Wizard Plus and FREEMASK receiver, switchable Radio remote functions: output adjustment, triggering, modeling light, standby. Full remote control with both systems Integrated radio antenna for optimum protection Output adjustment in 1/10 f-stop increments Large 7-segment performance indicator Active cooling due to extremely quiet fan Connector socket for round plugs / Pro Mini / 20-pol. long plug via adapter USB port for software updates Durable foil surface with "real" push-buttons for "feel good" use New foil surface with clearly detectable imprint around the push-buttons. Optimal for your sense of touch Hensel usage concept: name and position of switches and control units are generally the same. Working without rethinking! APD, internal power reduction when reducing power output Built-in photocell , separately switchable Synchronous socket for standard cord 1/4" (6.3 mm) Test button for manual test firing Very low synchronous voltage protects digital cameras Thermal monitoring of performance electronics

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