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The Hensel Ringflash 1200 P-XS for Porty Battery Operated Flash System is a unique light source ensuring totally shadowless but concentrated illumination for high contrast or high key lighting. Ringlights are very popular for fashion and beauty photography. The 3410 is similar to the 3000, but is dedicated to the Hensel Porty power supply. The Flashtube will handle up to 1500 w/s. To retain ease of handling, the unit has a single 16.4' lightweight power cable. A 100mm diameter center opening ensures acceptance and centering of almost any lens of any format camera. Features: Action Stopping Flash: Capable of extremely short flash durations, at lower power settings. Protective Glass Cover: Surrounds the flashtube for an added margin of safety. It is available with different coatings in clear, and matte (frosted) versions. Maximum Flexibility: The entire mount can be rotated by 180´?, allowing for ideal positioning by both left-and right-handed photographers. Circular Catch Light: Since the ringflash mounts around the camera lens, it creates a perfectly round catch light in the subjects eyes. Extreme lightweight only 3.98 lbs. Amazingly short flash durations 1/1300 of a second Maximum front diameter of 105mm Built in camera mount fits all types of cameras 1500 ws output Can be used in conjunction with the Hensel Ringflash Softbox

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