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Hensel Five In One Reflector 82Cm

Hensel Five In One Reflector 82Cm


  • $145.00

  • The Hensel 5-in-1 42" (82 cm) Reflector enables you to fill in shadow areas of your subject. It offers four reflective surfaces -- white, silver, sunlight, black, and is translucent at its core.
  • Sunlight combines gold and silver, creating a warm, summery feel that works well with skin tones.
  • Silver increases the specular highlights and yields a high-contrast image. It's perfect for video, product shots, and B&W photography.
  • Black removes unwanted reflections or color casts.
  • White produces an even, neutral-colored bounce light that works beautifully as a fill light source for both product shots and indoor/outdoor portraits.
  • The translucent core is used to diffuse harsh light, producing a broader light source and a soft, wraparound effect that's perfect for outdoor portraits or whenever a softer light is needed.
  • Designed to create smooth, even reflections and give you control over your light source
    Folds down to 1/3 of its actual size and stores easily in its own bag

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