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V-Lock Handlebar Adaptor Kit

V-Lock Handlebar Adaptor Kit

Freefly Systems

  • $605.00

The V-Lock Handlebar Adapter Kit allows MoVI and MIMIC Beta operators to use small V-Lock batteries to power a wide variety of accessories or cameras.The 25mm clamps allow for versatile mounting options, easily and securely fitting a V-Lock battery to MoVI and MIMIC Beta handlebars, the MoVI Ring, or even MoVI stands and docks.A genuine PV2USB IDX V-Mount battery plate supplies an unregulated D-tap power port. In addition, it includes a 5V, regulated USB port, perfect for connecting wireless video receivers, the MIMIC Beta, or just charging a drained mobile phone. IncludesCarbon Fiber Adapter PlateGenuine PV2USB IDX V-Lock Battery Plate25mm Tube ClampsD-tap to (2) 2.1mm DC Barrel Connector Power CableFasteners to hold everything together Power OutputsD-tap 12V (Unregulated) 50W max.USB 5V/1A

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