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  • $460.98

The DXA-HDV High-Performance Camcorder Adapter from Beachtek is a dual-channel XLR adapter with mic preamps and phantom power, which allows you to connect pro-quality mics and line-level sources to your HDV camcorder's mic input or to any other recording device with an 1/8" (3.5mm) mini audio input. The adapter is powered by a single 9V battery. Housed in a durable, die-cast aluminum enclosure, the DXA-HDV has a mounting bolt, and can be attached to the camera itself, or to a standard tripod. You'll find controls and jacks on two of the unit's four sides. The Control Panel, which is on the front of the unit, features the main power switch, power indicator light/low-battery indicator, channel output-level knobs, line/mic selector switches, a switch that toggles the output from mono to stereo, an 1/8" aux input, and level-indicator lights for both channels. The Side Panel houses the two XLR jacks, two 48V phantom power switches, a pair of low/high gain switches (the high setting provides a 15 dB boost), the 1/8" camcorder output jack, and a ground switch. If you're looking to improve the audio on your video productions, the DXA-HDV provides an excellent and cost-effective solution..

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